Services and Pricing

We offer full service grooming. Prices are starting prices and may increase depending on matting, temperament, skill level of cut.

Baths: 25.00 ex small- 50.00 ex large

De-Shed treatment: 10.00 extra 

Flea Treatment: 10.00 extra

Face Feet Fanny trim: 15-20.00 extra with bath.

Full Haircuts: ( bath, nail trim, ears cleaned plucked, glands, haircut)

Small 50.00 example: ( Yorkie, Shih-tzu ) 0-13lbs

Medium 55.00 example: ( Schnauzer, Bichon ) 13lbs - 35lbs

Medium/Large 60.00 example: ( Springer sp, Boyken sp ) 36lbs - 50lbs

Large 70.00 example: (Golden Ret.) 50lbs - 80lbs

EX- Large Breeds Please Stop in for Quote Price Varies 75. 00 AND UP

St poodles, Goldendoos, Laberdoos, and ex-large breeds vary depending on size, coat, cut and time.

We do groom special needs doggies. If your doggy is older or has special medical issues call and speak with us.

We have a very experienced staff, some with vet assisting backgrounds and can offer to groom as safe as possible in a supervised one on one timely manner. We also offer express grooming for an extra $15 first thing in the mornings that will guarantee a straight through groom in an hour to an hour and a half.

Spa Optional Add On's:

   Teeth Brush 5.

Facial 5.

Body Massage (10min) 5. (price with full groom or bath only)

Pad Moist Treatment 5.

Special Shampoo

OR a SPA PACKAGE with 4 at $15.

Zymox Bath and Condition (medicated) 10-15.

Walk in services 

Express Glands 10

Nails Clipped 10

Nails Sanded 15

We take Appointments starting at 8am to 2pm Monday through Saturday. We call when the groom is finished which can take starting from 3-4 hours time depending on size of dog, phone calls, walk in services, and other events which can make a groom take longer.

What our customers are saying

Best Groomers in town. I have been all around the world and back to find someone that is very nice and trustworthy to take care of my best buddy and at Market Common Grooming they go above and beyond. I have been bringing Lilly here every other week to get groomed for over a year now and I have not once been disappointed or felt she may have been mistreated. If you want to take your pup to a five star, safe, and very affordable groomer take them here but call first they get booked up quick.

Tyler Brown of Myrtle Beach, SC